Offshore Prices

Onshore Results

Offshore software development doesn't have to suck.

Pragmatico takes a different approach to offshore software development. We locate and recruit talented and productive team members with skillsets specifically tailored to the needs of your project. We then provide an onshore technical project leader to help you get the most from your team. We follow an agile product development process that focuses on daily communication, early feedback, continuous testing and automation. We believe that this process greatly reduces risk and improves predictability. We are passionate about software development and maximizing value.

Operational Modes

Complete Project Team

Pragmatico can supply a complete project team specifically tailored to your needs and budget. This model is ideal for startups that have limited budgets that are not ready to hire full-time staff. It is also ideal for more mature organizations that have a need for a product but not the budget for additional full-time staff.

Staff Augmentaton

If your organization is in need of additional manpower on an existing team, Pragmatico can help you add the capacity. This is especially useful for filling gaps in technical skills. We can supply experts in specific technologies to help your team ramp up. And you can scale back when you are comfortable that your team is up to speed.


Cost Reduction

Pragmatico saves you money by utilizing lower-cost offshore talent. We also do not charge an additional amount for the onshore leadership resource. You only pay the team rate. You also save money by eliminating the need to provide things like office space, equipment and employee benefits.

Low Overhead

With Pragmatico, you don’t have to worry about things like recruiting, interviewing, hiring, firing and performance reviews. This frees more of your time for higher value business activities.

Elastic Resources

With Pragmatico, you can quickly scale up and down as your resource needs change.


Our focus on agile process and automation results in better predictability to schedule.

Quick Ramp-Up

Pragmatico has access to a large pool of available talent from which we can quickly locate, qualify, hire individuals to integrate into your team.

Quality Results

Pragmatico employs best practices such as test driven development, continuous integration, automated testing and peer code reviews. Every project is led by an onshore industry veteran passionate about delivering high quality software.